I’m Patrick Cason, a front-end engineer and designer based in Nashville, Tennessee. I've worked on a plethora of startups and early-stage companies, most notably at Poliana and currently at Octovis, a telemedicine company attempting to make quality care accessible anywhere in the world. I specialize in data visualization, WebRTC, Angular.js, and poking fun at the American political system.

In my past I was a graduate (and later a mentor and lecturer) at the Jumpstart Foundry, a technical editor for a book on D3.js, the lead designer for Change Politics by, and I was once interviewed by NPR. My hobbies include hiking, learning anything about keyboards and pianos made before the 1980's, and running a vacation rental home business with my father.

I'm not taking additional work right now, but for posterity's sake here's my resume.